Apr 14, 2012

Hermaphrodite Sister - Chapter 4

Things sisters do to their brothers for the sake of personal enjoyment can get downright mean. When it came to our sexual reeducation for Jordan, there was no holding  back. Jamie and I had spent the night after our mock court trial together, laughing and giggling about what we should make him do. I'll tell you that the ideas were flowing, my pussy juice was flowing as was as Jamie's cum! Of course it was our brother's own desire for my pussy that he wanted to start so soon.

Jordan came happily strolling into our room the next morning with a condom in hand. He had been fully expecting to get his cock immediately inside me. Well, there were two problems with that. First of all, I was getting pounded by Jamie's cute hermaphrodite dick when he came in and second of all, he had to earn my pussy first. We ignored him  at first, allowing him to watch us make love together.

After Jamie and I finished we cuddled and kissed a little before we heard Jordan's demands. "Hey," he said while taking off his clothes, "let me in there I need to be taught how to fuck."

Jamie flung the covers back, she seemed to be much more comfortable in front of him since we found him guilty in our court of incestuous love. "Where is your anal lube," she asked?

"I didn't bring any," he said.

"So did you plan on taking my prick up your dry ass?"

"No, I was going to have sex with Jessie."

"Not so fast," I said. "You can't just come in here and put your dick in me thinking that how this all works."

"Then what do you want me to do he asked?"

"You need to learn something about women," I said. "You need to learn that we don't always want to be immediately fucked when you flash your cock."

"You always want to be fucked by Jamie," he replied.

"Of course," I said, "that is because I love her."

"Oh you are so sweet," Jamie said. We both then leaned in to each other and began kissing.

"But you don't love me," Jordan asked?

I broke off my kissing with Jamie, "As a brother but I am not in love with you. You see, a guy like you has to earn that from me."

"Then tell me what to do," he said.

"Well, mom has given us all chores to do while they are at work. I want you to serve me by doing my chores as well as Jamie's."

Jamie piped in, "Oh, I like that idea."

"That would take me all day," Jordan exclaimed!

"And that is what makes it a service to me," I said. "Don't worry, I'll reward you for every chore you finish and if you do them all then you can do me." Jamie and I both started giggling at what I had said.

"Fine," Jordan said, "I'll do them but only today." He reached to the floor to pick up his pants.

"No, no," I said. "Naughty boy! You stay naked while you do our chores." He left our room looking rather annoyed.

"What kind of rewards are you going to give him for each chore that he does," Jamie asked?

"I don't know yet," I said." Something that will keep that dick hard.

"Oh, Jessie, you are such a slut."

"Does it bother you that I am going to have sex with him? I mean we do have a good thing going here."

"I only get a little jealous. But I want to watch this. If he gets good enough then maybe I'll let him get his cock back into me."

"I think you should," I said, "the first time has got to be the worst sex any woman gets."

We both went to the kitchen, just as naked as Jordan, to find some breakfast. He was fast at work cleaning the kitchen. He had to wash the dishes, clean the counters and then clean the floor. Both Jamie and I grabbed a bowl and cereal then we watched Jordan as he finished each task. He finished the kitchen floor just as we had finished eating our cereal.

"I'm done," he said, "so what do I get for the kitchen."

I took my bowl and Jamie's bowl and put them in his hands. "First you will wash these two bowls, then I will tell you." I slid my ass up on the counter top, right next to Jordan while he did as I asked. I spread my legs for him, giving a good view of Jamie's cum slowly oozing out of me from earlier.

Jordan put the newly washed dishes away and looked down at my cunt. "Can I at least touch it," he asked?

"I want you to do more than touch it," I said, "I want you to eat my pussy for breakfast. Lick it clean with your tongue and you had better make me orgasm as well."

He was a little hesitant at first but as soon as my brother got a few good licks of my pussy there seemed to be no stopping him. I couldn't help but to moan with delight as he worked my cunt. "Start at my fuck hole," I demanded. Stay there until I tell you to move. Jordan did as instructed.

I looked over at Jamie, she had leaned back in the chair and was stroking her semi-soft cock while fingering her own pussy hole. I was a bit surprised to see her working herself like that, I had never watched her masturbate before.

"Now start taking long licks up my slit," I requested of Jordan. His tongue began to lick be from bottom to top. "From my asshole through to my clit," I said. Jordan extended his movements and his tongue so that his licks went the prescribed distance. I moaned loudly with every lick of my pussy. At first, Jordan would take one long lick from my asshole to my pubic hair and then start back at my asshole. Before long he started licking back and forth between the two points. "There you go you little fuck," I said, "now you are starting to understand."

Jamie boisterously yelled, "He is jerking off!"

I slapped him on his head, "Stop touching yourself until I say you can. Now get up on my clit and focus your licks there; lick it, suck it, work it." Jordan did just as I asked. First he vigorously licked my clitoris before he started sucking it in and out of his mouth. I could feel my orgasm began to build as he slowed a little, "Don't stop you little shit! Keep going faster!" I could feel him working harder to keep me pleased. I started shaking in response to his efforts. An orgasm had passed through my body.

I grabbed Jordan by the hair and pulled him away from my cunny after my orgasm had finished. "Good boy," I said, "you have passed the first test for the day." I slid my ass off the counter top and looked at it. "It seems you may have to clean that off one more time," I said.

"Yes, ma'am," he replied.

"Oh getting formal on us now? I think I like that. What about you Jamie, do you like that?"

"Oh yes," she said. "I like that too."

Jordan wiped up my glistening sex juices from off the counter. "Now get that living room vacuumed," I demanded.

"Yes ma'am," Jordan said.

I made myself comfortable on the couch and Jamie joined me. I opened my leg and she knew exactly what to do, she cuddled right in. I fondled Jamie while we watched Jordan as he scurried about with the vacuum, trying to finish quickly. Instead we would both point out places that he had missed, giggling about each one. "You need to be thorough with a woman, just like you do with vacuuming," Jamie said. We both giggled again.

After Jamie had finished vacuuming the living room he walked right up to us. I stared at his cock, it was a bit mesmerizing. I could see its veins were throbbing with blood. His cock head was as hard as I had seen it. "Your did looks like it needs to cum," I said.

"Yes ma'am," Jordan replied.

"Yes ma'am what," I asked?

"Yes ma'am my cock needs to cum."

"Well, why don't you jerk it off. I'll let you cum on my tits."

Jordan began masturbating in front of his two sisters. "Isn't your brother such a pervert," I asked Jamie?

"Yes he is," she said, "he is such a sexual deviant."

I reached in and cupped his balls, "I may just give these things a squeeze as a punishment to our naughty brother."

"Maybe you should," she said. "What kind of weirdo wants to fuck his own sisters?"

We both berated Jordan as he jerked off for us. It didn't take him too long before his dick started shooting it's load. I squeezed my tits together to take the copious amounts of cum that my brother had produced. After he had finished I let go of my tits, allowing his cum to run down my body. Then I reached up and ran my finger up the underside of his cock, to make sure I got every last drop.

"Oh, look at your tits," Jamie exclaimed! "Now they are all dirty."

"Would you like to join me in the shower," I asked Jamie.

"Sure thing sweetie," she said.

We held hands as we walked to the end of the living room. I stopped and looked back at Jordan, "Well, what are you waiting for? We need someone to wash our hair."

The image of three siblings crammed into a shower must have been a pretty sexy sight. Jamie and I faced each other, taking turns washing each others bodies. We had banished Jordan to the backside of either of us. "Massage my scalp," I yelled at him. "You can't just put the shampoo in and rinse it out. Make sure my head is clean." Jamie giggled every time I had scolded Jordan. My sister and I had cuddled in close to each other, rubbing our bodies together while our brother scrubbed our scalps.

We finally had Jordan stand between the two of us. Jamie was behind him and I was in front. I used the bar of soap on his arms, armpits, chest, legs, and I spent copious amounts of time on his cock and balls. In the meantime Jamie washed his hair. "This is how you do it," she declared. "You have to get in and massage your head, making sure you get it really clean."

During our shower together Jordan hadn't said much of anything. He quietly did everything we told him. We rinsed off his body and then Jamie asked for the soap. "Give me that soap," she said. "I'm going to wash his backside." I knew what she was getting at but I couldn't help but laugh when I handed over the bubbly bar. I watched her as she washed off his back then she shoved that bar of soap deep into his ass crack. "You have such a dirty ass," she said, "It needs to be cleaned up." She really moved that bar of soap around his ass crack.

"Bend over," she demanded, "I need to make sure this thing is clean." Jordan quietly complied. I saw a look in Jamie's eye and I could see what she wanted to do. She grabbed a hold of her erect hermaphrodite dick and guided it into our brother's ass crack. With all the soap in there she effortlessly pushed herself into his asshole. Once he realized what she was doing he tried moving out of the way but I pushed him back towards Jamie. "If you want to fuck Jessie today the you are going to take my cock up your ass."

Jordan continued to struggle a little so I straddled his head, holding it tight between my legs. Our brother was bent over, Jamie fucking his asshole, and I was holding him in place. It really must have been an uncomfortable situation for him but we were going to make him the lover we wanted and not the lover he wanted to be. My sister fucked him rather hard and I could tell she was enjoying the anal sex she was taking from him. It wasn't too long before her orgasm face appeared.

After Jamie was finished with our brother's ass I released his head from between my legs. Then we turned him around and rinsed out the newly fucked and washed crack.

Jamie and I dried ourselves off while we stared down Jordan, standing nude in front of us. "You only have a few more chores before you can have my pussy," I told him. "You had better get dried off and get them done."

"I don't have a towel," he said. I started drying his body with my semi-damp towel. Jamie joined me with her towel. I worked his cock and Jamie dried of his backside, including his ass crack.

Jordan got to work cleaning the rest of the house while we followed him around, giggling to ourselves as we watched him. "He does have a nice cock," I told Jamie.

"I like it too Jessie," she replied, "but it is really the only one I have ever seen."

"Don't worry babe," I said, "one day you will find a guy who loves you for everything you have."

"Do you think he would suck my dick," Jamie asked?

"Do you have any idea how that sounds coming from a woman," I asked? We both giggled together. "Why don't we find out after he finished all of our chores," I asked? "I bet we can get him to suck your cock."

"Even though he says he is straight?"

"Absolutely, I think most guys would suck a hermaphrodite's dick. I mean, shit, you have all the other girl stuff."

"What about you? Would you lick my pussy instead of sucking on my dick? Would you start sucking my tits? You have said that you are straight and you haven't done anything except kiss me and take my dick, everything you can do with a guy."

"Well, I would be more than willing to suck your tits. We could do that for each other. And you did eat me out so I should at least try licking your pussy. I just don't know if I can do it without feeling weird about it," I said.

"Yeah and fucking your siblings isn't weird?"

Jamie had a really good point there. We were in the middle of one of the most taboo social acts. "I'll do it until I get used to it. It is the least I can do for you."

Jamie smiled at me, "Thanks sweetie."

"You know you will have to forgive Jordan sometime," I said.

"Yeah, I know," Jamie replied. "Maybe after I unleash my five slaps on him." We both giggled again.

Jamie and I talked about random things until our brother had finished cleaning the house for us. Each time he would walk by I would either grab at his ass or dick. One time as he walked passed I got a good hold of his cock, then I gently kissed the tip before letting him go.

Finally Jordan stood in front of us, "I am finished," he said.

I left Jamie on the couch while I inspected the house, looking for any corners our brother may have cut. I eventually made my way back into the living room with Jordan and Jamie. My sister was still sitting on the couch, her little girl dick was soft, resting against the side of her leg. "Well," I said to my brother, "it looks like you missed one thing."

"What is that," he asked?

"Jamie's dick hasn't been sucked on today," I said.

"I don't like cock," he said. "I won't suck it."

"Well, it won't suck itself. So either you get down there and suck on that dick or I'll have to do it. If I have to suck her off I won't really be in the mood to fuck you." I knelt down in front of Jamie and motioned for her to spread her legs. I leaned in and sucked that soft little prick of hers into my mouth. I could feel her erection building in my mouth as I continued to suck on it.

"Fine, I'll suck her dick," Jordan said. "But if you two ever tell anyone that I did this..."

I stopped him before he could finish, "We aren't telling anyone about this, not a single bit of it. Get down here and suck on this thing." Jordan knelt beside me and grabbed Jamie's cock. He jerked her a little before taking her dick into his mouth. My brother bobbed his head up and down my intersexed sister's dick while she moaned.

"How is he," I asked?

"Not too bad," she said. "A bit more clumsy than you are but he would get the job done if he sucked on me long enough."

"Jordan," she said sternly, "you have a dick and know what you want. Do the same to me." Our brother slowed a moment and then you could see a definite change in his demeanor. As he continued to work Jamie's cock it was easy for me to see that she was enjoying it much more.

Jordan stopped sucking and started jerking our sister. "Please don't make me swallow her cum," he said. "I don't think I can go that far right now."

I looked up at Jamie, she shook her head no. "It looks like it is okay with Jamie," I said. "Just get her to cum and then you can fuck me."

"I have a better idea," she replied. "Why don't you go get a condom and your anal lube and we can make a Jordan sandwich."

"Mmmm," I sounded off, "that does sound like a great idea. Jordan, we will meet you in our room. Do as Jamie says and get your anal lube and a condom."

Jamie and I retired to our room. I lay on my back, preparatory for the missionary position. My sister stayed standing, waiting for our brother to join us. After he walked in Jamie had him lube his asshole and her dick. Afterward she had Jordan put on his condom and guided him towards me. I spread my legs, waiting for his dick which was a bit larger than Jamie.

My sister moved her dick in between Jamie's ass cheeks. She penetrated his asshole and then whispered in his ear, "Now you can fuck your own sister but you had better not let my dick fall out of your ass." We positioned ourselves so that Jordan penetrated my cunt.

Both Jamie and I stayed still while Jordan's hips bounced between the both of us. As our brother fucked he received encouragement from both of his sisters, "Fuck us." we both yelled. "Fuck your sisters."

"Fill my pussy," I moaned.

"Take my cock," Jessie responded.

With all the foreplay and teasing we had done with Jordan throughout the day, it didn't take much for him to cum. I could feel his cock pulsing with each stream of cum that filled the condom. Jamie pulled out of his asshole, and he pulled out of me. He stood up next to the bed and pulled off the condom. Neither Jamie or I had orgasmed.

My sister moved up towards me. She sunk her dick into my pussy and we both fucked until we orgasmed together. Jamie jumped up quickly after orgasm, which was not characteristic for her to do. Then she looked at Jordan, "You make sure she cums before you do," she said sternly. Then out of nowhere she leaned back and let her open palm rip across his cheek. The sound was impressive, kind of scared me actually. "Four more slaps," she exclaimed!

My sister jumped back in bed with me and cuddled up to me. "Would you like to come cuddle with us," I asked Jordan?

He looked pretty pissed about getting slapped. "No," he said, "I'm leaving."

"Don't be such a little bitch," I told him as he walked out. "You agreed to the slaps!"

Jamie snuggled in closer to me, "Four more slaps and I'll let him fuck me too," she said.


  1. another great installment. nice follow through of the character plot lines. I wonder if I could get into sex with a hermaphrodite myself after your treatment of the subject.

  2. I hope that there are many more installments to come. This series has me rivited

    1. I did start another chapter but I never made much headway on it. I'm not exactly sure what to do to end this series so I'm open for ideas. I would like to wrap it up within four or five more chapters. Of course they would have to correspond to the slaps that have been handed down as punishment. It has been one of my more interesting stories with quite a wild twist. I'll have another look at it soon.

  3. So far only Jordan has received anal, and he hasn't really enjoyed it. Having him find pleasure in anal would make sense. Double-penetration would be hot, and so would putting the hermaphrodite in the middle.

    I found the slap at the end of this kind of a turn-off. But... if Jordan turns out to be a bit of a masochist and Jamie a bit of a sadist... that could be hot.

    1. So it is only hot if Jordan enjoys it? I don't believe that is where this story is going. It will all come together, maybe not how you like it, but that is why I'm the author. I guess that does sound rather arrogant but I write this stuff to explore my own fantasies. I just post them to share those fantasies with others.

      Hopefully you enjoy the story as it comes to a conclusion.

  4. I understand (head bowed), when i read a story i tend to place myself inside one of the characters, i cant do that here, seeing a chick fuck another chick thats fucking sexy, being docile to women i enjoy, but i cant get hard when he takes it up the ass, shit, your a great writer, i can really see the love the sisters have, i like my own sisters that way, i regret that i can read more of your stuff

    1. You regret that you CAN read more of my stuff? Sorry to have offended you...just kidding, really.

      Actually, I have a number of stories that do not include hermaphrodites or chicks with dicks or guys getting butt fucked. All of those things are consistent and contained in this story. Feel free to look around my blog and see what else I've got. I would bet there is a story of mine that you would enjoy completely.